Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Optimizing for Local Search

As I did research on optimizing a website for local search, I found few things that should be considered. Below are the points:

  1. First adopt organic way of optimization
  2. Include city name and region in title tag, meta-description and meta-keywords tag
  3. Have full address in footer area
  4. Add business information in Local Business Center/Google Maps
  5. Target local keywords in Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  6. Target keyphrase and location in each page
  7. Have incoming links from local pages
  8. Have incoming links with location and business
  9. Have extra pages that are more local area related. For example: direction page, places to visit when you are here, Nearby parks/meuseums/schools
  10. Having pages for other local offerings
  11. Adding geo-sensitive meta tags. For example:(Meta name=”zipcode” content=”12345,45678,09876″; meta name=”city” content=”dallas, houston, Austin”; meta name=”state” content=”texas”; meta name=”country” content=”usa, united states of america”)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hearing a lot about Agloco? What is it all about?

I recently have been reading and hearing about Agloco a lot. Are you too? I heard that it is an online community owned by members from all around the globe, who joins for free. Then different thoughts and questions started hitting my mind, "wow! really? So, it means I can also be a owner of this company if I become a member? Will I benefit from being a member? What if this is just a scam like many other "get rich quick" kind of scam? How will I get the share as the owner? How does this company work? And How do they make money?" Then I started reading more. It appeared that the company started around the last half of 2006 and they are progressing slowly. They still have a long way to go to start generating enough revenues so that they will be able to distribute owners their share and cash disbursement. What this means? Well, Agloco may just crash before it really becomes a successful venture. However, there is a positive and bright side as well. Agloco may be the next big and successful community and the company, just like Myspace or Youtube or even Google. What if this becomes true? How will it be to be a member or even a owner of such a company? Well, what is there to lose by becoming a member? It doesn’t cost me anything. Thinking about this potential growth, I just signed up. If you want to, sure you can. Just fill out a form and follow the instruction at . Ofcourse, you should find out more about Agloco too.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Meta-Tags for Page Optimization

There are many different meta tags that do different things (refreshing pages automatically, redirecting; preventing from being cached etc). However, from the marketing or website optimization standpoint, “Title”, “Keywords” and “descriptions” are important.

Forming a good “title”:

Most of the search engines look into the title content first to match the searched keywords/phrases. Therefore, you can use combination of the most important key-words and key phrases so that the line is powerful and attention grabbing. Title Tags can be made in the form of a sentence but it is good to remove unneeded “linking” words, such as (the, in, at, is etc). You should never make more than 200 characters for a good title.

Forming “Meta – Keywords”:

There has been a debate about how many keywords one should use or whether to use commas or spaces between keywords/key phrases. I have been using commas to separate key words. To increase the chance of matching a search phrase, you can use the strategy of placing key words where it can be tied with the words ahead or after so that it is meaningful. You should always pick the right words and phrases to match the content of your site to search queries made by your target market. And you should try to place the primary keywords or phrases at the beginning. Don’t over-spam keywords though (repetitive use of a single keyword in order to manipulate search engine indexing and ranking)!

Forming “Meta – Description”:

Use your most important keywords and key phrases in your description, but make it meaningful! It has to be in the complete sentence form. Like the title tag, content you used in description tag is used by some search engines to tell people what your site is about. It's your only chance to motivate most people to click to your site. It can be considered as the summary of the web page that is rich with primary key words. Common questions include: "How long can the description be?" and "How many times can you repeat your keywords in it?" Again, there are no exact answers to these questions. I generally make about 40 – 60 words in description part. The rule of thumb is just to describe your site as attractively as you can using the fewest words possible.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

DO NOT Spam!

If you don’t want to get into big trouble and if you genuinely want develop your internet business successfully, then you have to make sure that you don’t SPAM!

Although there are different variations definition for Spam, the most general is the sending of Unsolicited Commercial Emails. In order to make sure of “NO SPAM”, you can follow few points as below:

  • Don’t rely on just the email marketing. If you use this method, make sure you have a clean opt-in list and clear opt-in process defined.
  • Always provide a way to "opt-out".
  • Do not annoy anyone even your “opt-in” list members by sending too many emails that do not interest them.
  • Do not mislead anyone (in Opt-In/Opt-Out process or in the e-mail).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Best Traffic Generating Idea

Curios to know what it is? I was too, when I didn’t know what it was. Later, when I found out about it and learned about various other things, I came to know that it is in fact “Articles” or “content” that plays the key role in generating traffic for a site. I am sure, you can’t deny that content is the meat part of any website because it relays information about your product or services to your targeted user or internet users are constantly seeking for information about the right product and service for them, that’s why they come to your site to get that information.

Delivering information by writing a good article can sky rocket your traffic. If you don’t agree with me, please comment. May be you have got another best idea!